The Art of the Middle Ages (10th to 14th century)
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Among the exposed Medieval artifacts are: the ceramic icon with the image of Apostle Paul from the city of Preslav (10th century), also the icon of Saint Nicolas with Scenes from the His Life (late 7th early 8th century), Jesus Christ Pantocrator from the city of Nessebar (8th century), the relief icon of St. George and St. Dimitar from the city of Sozopol (14th century, frame was added later), the mosaic icon of The Holy Virgin Odigitria from Eregli (14th century), Archangels Council from the Batchkovo Monastery (14th century), The Holy Virgin Sovereign from Nessebar (14th century), and the bilateral icon from Poganovo (14th century). Murals: The Crypt has in its collection three early murals: the head of an unknown saint from the village of Han Krum, Shumen Region (4th 5th century) and two murals from the church of St. Nicolas in Melnik. (late 12th, early 13th century) representing Archdeacon Euple and an unknown prelate. An exquisite piece of silversmiths art - the silver coating of the icon of the Holy Virgin with the Child (14th century) is also included in the exhibition.