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27 October – 4 December 2016


Opening on Thursday, 27 October, at 18:00

The Palace, Knyaz Alexander I Sq.


This exhibition, dedicated to the 90th. anniversary of the birth of Evgeni Klintcharov, includes paintings, drawings and easel graphics, mosaics, tapestry, publications, and the trilogy ‘Pantheon. Prominent Figures of Bulgarian Culture’. The concept offers a global view of the oeuvre of the artist, the intellectual and art researcher, with an emphasis on works not previously presented.


Evgeni Klintcharov graduated in Mural Painting from the Academy of Art in Sofia in 1948, under Kiril Tsonev and Georgi Bogdanov. Between 1953 and 1985, he was chief artist of the Bulgarian Artist Publishing House and deputy editor-in-chief of ‘Izkustvo’ [Art] magazine (1962–1970). From 1963 to 1989, he was a member of the Board of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. He participated in many exhibitions of fine, applied and monumental arts. He was the author of monographs on the artists Ivan Nenov, Lyuben Gaydarov, Todor Panayotov, Kiril Kazanlakliev, and Katerina Savova-Nenova, the book ‘Conversations with Ivan Nenov’, and numerous articles on artistic issues. The trilogy ‘Pantheon. Prominent Figures of Bulgarian Culture’, printed in 2010–2013, was his last major work.

A deluxe monographic publication on the life and oeuvre of the artist, with texts by Svetlin Rusev, Bisera Prahova, Kiril Gogov, Albena Spasova, Rumyana Pashaliyska, and Suzanna Klintcharova, will be presented at the exhibition on 1 December 2016 at 18:00.

Svetlin Rusev writes in the publication: ‘Evgeni Klintcharov is one of the most extraordinary cases in Bulgarian art, one who has always avoided public events; an artist, an intellectual and a patriot, the producer of an extremely versatile creative and publicly significant activity, unknown in his entirety even to the closest colleagues with whom he worked. During the long years when we were together at the Union of Bulgarian Artists—he, as editor-in-chief of the Bulgarian Artist Publishing House, and later, as Secretary in the management of the Union—we always knew that, beside us, there was a colleague we could fully rely on, in terms of responsibility, professional perfectionism, and, last but not least, as a person with an established morale and position.’


Rumyana Pashaliyska remarks: ‘An artist and an art historian with high professional criteria, with a significant contribution to the art of the book, the author of numerous monographic works, Evgeni Klintcharov was remarkably complete in his artistic worldview and moral philosophy. In the course of our work I discovered, not only a breathtakingly efficient and dedicated researcher, but an incredibly polite and good-natured man who, however, manifested a resolute character and became terribly unyielding when he defended his own ideas and views... For the ‘Pantheon’, his last and most significant creation, occupied a special place in his artistic career. In the conditions of a shaken system of value, this was his personal battle with the lack of spirituality overtaking us, his personal contribution to the preservation of our historical and cultural memory, his peculiar life balance...’


For further information:

Suzanna Klintcharova –

Aneliya Nikolaeva – 0879 834 050




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